EGP09 On reflection

In January the email from Nick Adams arrived that I had hoped for. Mike Kimberley had sanctioned the use of the Lotus Hethel facility for the 2009 Elise Garden Party. In a change to previous years it was to be a one day affair only, we decided that a £10,000 target for Little Havens was feasible.


 In the event we actually raised £14,880 ! Everything ran like clockwork during a very hot day. Track time was enjoyed by many..wonderfully policed by Lotus on Track marshals .


A one hour sale of raffle tickets accumulated £1100. Original Artwork of Senna's 99T, Jim Clark memorial blend Whiskey and Andy Green's Record breaking memorabilia were all on offer for lucky winners. 

A lunchtime auction raised £5300…..but what auctioneers we had …ex-Lotus F1 maestro John Miles. Classic Team Lotus supremo Clive Chapman, motorsport photographer Peter Darley and our new Lotus convert WLSR holder Andy Green. Andy had flown back from South Africa the day before, his 6’4” frame suffering in economy class ! What a great and much appreciated effort he made for us?


And what a BBQ Val and her girls cooked for us in the searing heat …272 hungry mouths !

Lovely food and gratefully received

From the heritage car division the stars were Terry Hoyle’s Ferrari 268SP,Nick Fennell’s ex-Clark Type 25R5, Clives Lotus 30, Lotus 6s,Porsche 904GTS,Formula Juniors and John Bouldings Lotus 47… reunited with its period driver John Miles after 40 years !


 Add to that John Rees’ Lotus 23B, an ex Jim Clark Lotus Cortina PHK 614D and a rally Lotus Cortina MK 2 and Malcolm Rickett's Type 58.

Nick Adams and Dave Minter gave track rides in Elise 111Rs to the delight of the ladies who may now understand a little why we love LOTUS !

Legendary mechanics Bob Dance and Cedric Selzer joined us to make it a memorable day.

 As a postscript….’Mr Kimberley can we come back next year please !!’

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